INDIBA Reduce Visceral Fat

INDIBA Reduce Visceral Fat

Body Tightening, Rejuvenation & Revitalization from the Inside Out

INDIBA® is a breakthrough technology that removes fat at the cellular level. The noninvasive procedure, uses a patented system called Proionic® that uses capacitive and resistive technology to generate biostimulation, vascularization and hyperactivation at a cellular level, with the following beneficial effects:


BIOSTIMULATION (sub-thermal)- Activates the cell’s metabolic rate, increases circulation and activates fibroblasts, which produce collagen. Vascularization (thermal)- Dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow, oxygenates tissue and cells, increases cell metabolism and encourages drainage


HYPERACTIVATION (hyperthermal), breaks down fat/fatty deposits, detoxifies and encourages toxin drainage, increases cell metabolism and encourages collagen production


INDIBA® helps to rebalance the cells, increases the internal temperature and activates metabolism, this eliminates fat and cellulite without damage to other cells. The treatment also prevents the new formation of fat in treated areas.